What we do

STS Workforce Solutions employs a team of aerospace recruiters dedicated to finding the most highly skilled and adeptly qualified aviation professionals to fill the localized staffing needs of our clients and industry partners.

This type of recruiting is much different than what we do in STS AeroStaff Services, for example, which tends to pull from a nationwide pool of candidates to fill various contract positions in numerous locations throughout the country.

Who we are

The staffing professionals at STS Workforce Solutions are among the best and brightest in the business. They not only know how to find the aviation professionals needed to supplement your local employment demands, they actively support each new hire to ensure unmatched quality of work and job satisfaction throughout the life-cycle of an employee’s contract agreement.

What separates us?

The STS Workforce Team has a growing assortment of tools in their recruitment arsenal; tools that help them seek out, find and hire qualified aerospace professionals on a local level. Our track record for success is unmatched as we have direct access to hundreds of candidates looking for work in just about every major city throughout the United States. Not only can we find the localized aviation professionals you need to keep flying, our team continually goes above and beyond to ensure each new hire is the perfect fit for both your project and your company.

The STS Workforce difference

Employment positions offered by STS Workforce Solutions can be short or long term and will not include any sort of formalized reimbursement (per diem) for maintaining a second domicile. Because of this, our Workforce Solutions division typically focuses on supporting long-term (more than one year in expected length) positions by filling them with local talent as opposed to the traditional focus of providing only temporary employees from across the U.S. to supplement customer peaks.

Contact us

If you need to find local talent to fill your aviation staffing needs, contact the expert recruitment team at STS Workforce Solutions at 1-800-800-2400. If you are an aviation professional looking for work, our crew of expert aerospace recruiters looks forward to helping you land the job of your dreams without forcing you to worry about the high-cost and excess time often associated with relocation.

So what are you waiting for? Contact STS Workforce Solutions today and let us help you get your next project and/or aviation career off the ground and back in the sky!