Acme Aerospace

Acme Aerospace has been designing and manufacturing lightweight, high power battery chargers, power supplies, and backup power systems since the 1970’s.

In addition to the advanced power conversion, Acme chargers offer improved levels of battery control for optimum battery operation and life. Acme Aerospace chargers have been the OEM selection for the MD-90, Canadair RJ, Challenger, and Waterbomber, Fokker F50, F70, and F100.

Acme Aerospace also designs and manufactures Fiber Nickel Cadmium (FNC) batteries for use in commercial and military applications. Acme Aerospace developed DAHO’s fiber based technology and refined it into a maintenance-free sealed nickel-cadmium battery. The resulting design incorporates high reliability performance and high power capability that is truly zero maintenance.

  • Aircraft Modular Power Assembly
  • Power Unit
  • Temp., Sensor Assy
  • AMPS-2000 Battery System
  • Battery, FNC
  • Battery, Sealed
  • Battery
  • Power Supply, Aircraft, Modular-IRS Battery
  • AMPS-1000 Battery System
  • Current Transformer Assembly
  • Aircraft Modular Power System AMPS 2000XL
  • ADM Power Supply (Air Data Module Power Supply)
  • Battery Assembly