Founded in 1953, Aerosonic has grown to be a leader in aviation instrumentation and avionics equipment – including air data systems, standby displays, digital and mechanical standby instruments, sensors and probes. Our customers include the major manufacturers of today’s civil, military and business fixed wing and rotorcraft platforms as well as all branches of the US military forces.

Their commercial pitot probes and pitot-static probes are flying on virtually every major commercial platform, including Boeing 737, 757, 767 & 777 and Airbus A320, A330 & A340.

Aerosonic  products are currently in use on thousands of aircraft worldwide, ranging from large commercial aircraft to helicopters and UAVs.

Primary aerospace applications include:

  • Electrically-heated Pitot Probes
  • Pitot-static Probes
  • Static Pressure Ports