Ancra International

Ancra International was founded in 1969 to serve the cargo handling industry with a complete line of cargo restraint and conveyance fir the air, truck, rail and marine markets. Ancra International’s Aircraft System Division has evolved into an international leader in the design, development and manufacture of lightweight on-board cargo handling and restraint system in addition to components for fixed and rotary-wing commercial and military aircraft. Supporting both wide and narrow-body aircraft needs.

STS Components Solution and Ancra International Have forged a partnership that will focus on power Drive Units to Commercial Freighters that are used on Boeing 767-200/300/400 and Boeing 777-200/300 Customers.

These self-lifting, low-profile units weight less (9 pounds) are lower cost alternatives to other in service PDU’s.

Primary Aerospace Application Include:

  • Control of the ULD (Unit Load Device) at all-times Via Lift Hold Mode Function
  • Power Drive Unit (PDU) Changes Direction Via Operator Command While in the Up Position
  • High Performance in Dowm Position Unless COvered by a ULD
  • High Performance 2.75 inch Diameter Drive Roller for wet and Dry Environment
  • Single-Drive Roller that dosen't Retract During Direction Reversal, Offering Continous Control