Arrowhead Products

Arrowhead Products is an industry leader in the design, development, and manufacture of aircraft ducting systems and components.

They specialize in the engineering, manufacture and FAA certified repair of high pressure metallic ducting systems and low pressure composite ducting systems. 

Arrowhead Products is also the main source of rocket propulsion lines for NASA and the U.S. aerospace industry. 
Supported with 70+ years of experience and proven reliability, their products are installed on virtually every major commercial, military, and space vehicle in operation today.

Arrowhead Products is the OEM of rigid, flexible and insulated duct assemblies made from metal, composite and elastomers.
Applications of these components include pneumatic systems, environmental controls, engine bleed air systems, thermal anti-ice systems, piccolo tubes as well as starter ducts.

Aircraft duct assemblies and components are fit for a variety of commercial, military and power plant applications. 

Commercial Aircraft: