Carleton Technologies

Cobham Life Support in Orchard Park, New York, (Carleton Technologies Inc. is doing business as Cobham Life Support) is a world-class leader in the design, manufacture and overhaul of commercial and military oxygen systems. Cobham develops specialized oxygen delivery system for high performance life support applications. These highly engineered, elegant oxygen delivery system solution offer customers the highest value custom component solutions. From the US Space Program’s early years when john Glenn breathed through Cobham’s first oxygen regulator, to military high altitude parachutistis using the PHANTOM system today, cobham is a recoginzed industry leader in cutting edge oxygen life support systems including aviation oxygen life support components for airline crew and passenger oxygen systems that are used on Boeing aircraft.

At Cobham Westminster facility, a full line of lightweight composite pressure structures and assemblies are made. Carbon fiber wrapped over spun aluminum liner to offer significant weight savings over conventional steel tanks, these structures are used in aerospace, marine, and life support applications. A commitment to providing the safest, highest quality pressure vessels in the industry is reflected throughout its history in the fields, where Cobham has developed extensive engineering expertise and custom designs that stand strong over time, challenging engineering tasks and custom designs that stands strong over time, challenging engineering tasks from initial concept, through designs and qualification, and finally into production.

Primary Aerospace Application Include:

  • Crew Oxygen Systems
  • Passenger Oxygen Systems
  • Composite Oxygen Cylinders
  • Valves
  • Oxygen Regulators & Reducers