Korry Electronics, an Esterline Control Systems Company

Korry Electronics has been a trusted name in human-machine interface (HMI) solutions since 1937, when the company created the first lighted cockpit controls for the developing military and commercial aircraft industry. Korry is a leader in lighting, display and cabin control solutions in a variety of commercial applications.

  • Esterline Control Systems provides state-of-the-art switches, cockpit controls, high performance displays, and night-vision filters.
  • Korry switches and indicators are industry benchmarks on the latest Boeing and Airbus aircraft. Korry units integrate LED display components and all required electronics for exceptional lighting quality, high reliability, and minimal maintenance.
  • Korry cockpit controls for commercial and defense crew stations provide high-reliability data display and control functions for critical systems, with integrated and cost-effective, plug-and-play solutions.
  • Korry display modules offer longer life, higher reliability, reduced weight, lower operating temperature, and other significant performance advantages.
  • The Korry line of control-panel knobs offers a complete range of solutions, including night-vision configurations.