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Marathon initiated the development of the nickel cadmium batteries in 1948, and be­came the first company in the United States to manufacture a rechargeable, sintered plate nickel cadmium battery. The company’s technological and industry firsts over the decades have placed Marathon as a leader in the aerospace market.

With the development of the M3 Micro-Maintenance battery, Marathon Norco was able to meet and exceed the airlines growing demands of providing a more cost-effective solution while simultaneously providing product improvements such as reduced maintenance, faster recharge, and extended life.

Technological Benefits Include:

  • Significantly Increased Maintenance Intervals (Two to Six Times)
  • Very Low Water Consumption
  • Double the Electrolyte Reserve in Comparison to Standard Ni-Cd
  • capacity Retention During Extended Cycling
  • Better Capacity than Standard Ni-Cd
  • or Better Power than Standard Ni-Cd
  • Same Physical Size and Weight as Standard Ni-Cd

MarathonNorco Aerospace, Mechanical

Hold Open Rods With tens of thousands of MarathonNorco struts installed on over 90% of all commercial aircraft built since 1973, MarathonNorco’s telescoping and fixed-length struts and hold-open supports have become the first choice of design engineers.

Every strut features MarathonNorco’s patented locking mechanism, an optimum weight/strength ratio, and design flexibility with multiple end-fitting compatibility, rod end bearings, universal joints, clevis pins, and more.

MarathonNorco has produced struts for proof loads as heavy as 11,000 pounds and for ambient temperature conditions approaching 1,000 degrees F.

Hold Open Rod Types:

  • Fix Length
  • Telescoping: single extension, multiple extension
  • Damping (hydraulic, spring): pneumatic/mechanical
  • Extension type
  • Retraction type

Hold Open Rod End Styles:

  • Interlocks
  • Couplex
  • Universal
  • Rod end bearing
  • Rod eye

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