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STS Component Solutions has become recognized and respected as one of the fastest growing engine component suppliers in the industry. We have established strong financial partnerships and have the ability to execute and close engine transactions in a timely manner. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest quality of certified engine components at the most competitive rates. 

Our in-house Engine Product Line Team works very closely with you to provide the latest configuration components to meet your requirements. Our Engine Acquisition Assets have allowed us to establish a large inventory of engine components across multiple engine models.  

We have developed a team with extensive industry experience in the technical support of Ground Power engines and components.  Through our established OEM and MRO partnerships, we have positioned ourselves to be a global leader in the support and service of the LM and Frame Engine Products.  

Highly Responsive

STS Component Solutions has the ability to be highly responsive to your requirements. Our extensive technical resources offer innovative and in-depth search methods to support your needs. We have OEM partnerships in place to support the LM and Frame Product Lines.

We have expanded our current commercial business model to include the support of aeroderivative engines, which include:

  • LM 6000
  • LM 2500
  • Ability to support to both LM Series and Frame Engine kitting
  • On-engine parts as well as package and balance of plant material
  • Heavy duty frame outage kitting and components
  • OEM Partnerships in place to support both Spares & MROs

Strategic Partnerships

STS has established strategic partnerships in line for gas turbine and component needs. Our capabilities and value-added services include:

  • Replacement parts sales
  • New OEM component distribution
  • Rotable exchanges
  • Repair management
  • Inventory/equipment consignment and purchases
  • Sales of complete turbines and modules
  • Dedicated Team of experienced professionals
Why Choose STS for your Ground Power Requirements?
  • Our core business is stocking material, not brokering
  • True 24/7/365 service capabilities -- We do not have "After hours"
  • LM and Heavy Frame turbine platform support
  • Heavy duty frame outage kitting
  • World-Class logistics and inventory management
  • Global sales and customer support network
  • Modern State-of-the-Art Material Distribution and office space
  • Willingness to manage higher risk customer receivables

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