Return to Lease Program:

Providing airlines, leasing companies and MROs complete inventory management solutions throughout the return to lease process. STS Component Solutions has the working relationships, business intelligence, data analytics, repairs, engineering and support teams in place to realize significant cost savings when compared to traditional material purchasing/ repair processes. 

Current Process:

STS Programs Process:

Benefits associated with STS Component Solutions RTL Program include:

  • On-site support at MRO facilities
  • Component Advance Exchange Options
  • Cost Effective Delivery Solutions
  • DER and Engineering Services
  • Inventory Planning
  • Material Consignment
  • Repair Management of Components
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Streamlined Logistics & Transportation

Note: Airlines and MROs have experienced an average of 25% cost savings by using the STS Component Solutions Return to Lease Program.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Program:

STS Component Solutions’ custom VMI Programs are created to the customer’s specific operational, financial and technological needs. Our award winning solutions are unparalleled in the industry and have a proven track record of driving efficiencies throughout supply chain organizations. 

Benefits associated with custom VMI Programs include:

  • Guaranteed Material Availability
  • Increased Operational Efficiency by Reduction in Touch Points
  • Inventory Cost Savings
  • Elimination of Non-Value Added Activities
  • Specializing in Interior & Hard to Find Inventory

BER Analysis & Repair Management:

STS Component Solutions offers an extensive BER Analysis and Repair Management Program designed to reduce our customer’s costs when identifying, quoting, contracting, tracking, and administering multiple source vendors needed for component repair. Capitalizing on technical expertise, experience and volume, STS Component Solutions has an extensive network of repair vendors to ensure high quality repairs, guaranteed turn times, extended warranties and reduced cost of ownership. In addition, our exchange pool of new generation rotable aircraft components is available to support critical, AOG requirements. Our in-house engineering and engine specialists also allow us to act as an extension of your repair and purchasing team to provide the most cost effective solutions for your business. 

Benefits associated with BER & Repair Management Programs include:

  • Ancillary Revenue Opportunity
  • BER Process Evaluation
  • Detailed Engineering Analysis
  • Identify and Recommend Best Practices
  • Repair Process Partnership
  • Dedicated Exchange Pools
  • Guaranteed Turn Times

Our financial strength allows us to invest in rotable assets as well as use our technical resources, knowledge and annual volumes to establish business partnerships that give us the ability to negotiate the most cost-effective work scope and repair. Contact the STS Programs Team to discover new value added services available for you and your business. 


Programs Team:

Fio Ormeno 

Programs Supervisor

Daniel McNamara 

Programs Administrator

Tammie Lock 

Programs Administrator