DER Expansion Support

Most MRO’s and aircraft operators are familiar with the use and responsibilities of an FAA DER (Designated Engineering Representative) for developing and approving major repairs, alterations and the support of STC’s. Additionally, the STS Engineering Solutions (STSES) DER team provides DER services for fleet approval repair specifications (RS-DER) and PMA (Parts Manufacturing Authority).

Based on the concept of the OEM SRM’s (Structural Repair Manuals), operators often experience same/similar damage to structural aircraft members. In lieu of obtaining an aircraft-specific DER approved repair, operators are becoming more savvy and proactive in obtaining fleet approval. The RS-DER designation has been authorized to a very limited number of Structural DER’s for this specific purpose. Like the SRM repairs, the RS-DER approved project can be utilized for the operator’s fleet on an unlimited basis.

Part Manufacturing and Repairs

Part manufacturing can be broken in to two distinct disciplines:

1.) Parts used for aircraft and component repair
2.) Parts fabricated for resale

Operators and MRO’s are currently allowed to fabricate and install repair parts in accordance with AC43-18 guidelines. For primary structural parts, DER approval is required for part number specific repair parts. Once approved by the DER, the operator or MRO has the authority to fabricate and utilize the repair parts on an unlimited basis.

If parts are fabricated purely for the purpose of resale, the FAA requires PMA approval. Whereas a DER can provide recommended approval, the FAA must issue ultimate acceptance/approval. This is based on the additional requirements which the FAA imposes in regard to part inspection procedures, applicable repair manuals and inspection/acceptance of the 145 repair station fabricating the parts. STSES possesses several DER’s with PMA experience in various engineering disciplines.

DER Support is Available 24/7/365

As a 24/7 engineering support organization, STS Engineering Solutions embraces the need for expedient and cost-effective engineering support. With (21) DER’s on staff, we stand ready to support any aircraft initiative.

To learn more about the DER Services we offer at STS, please feel free to contact us at any time.