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Aircraft Engineering Services by STS Enjoy Boundless Growth

As the Senior Vice President of Engineering for STS Engineering Solutions (STSES), I am truly excited about the opportunity to build and grow a professional organization in uncharted territory. Whereas my management activities at both Boeing (for 5 ½ years) and Northwest Airlines (for 16 ½ years) were rewarding, there were always limitations due to the fact that I was working for “big business.” At STSES, there are no real boundaries for growth, and this make each day both new and exciting.

For large U.S. companies, the comparison made to implementing change is like turning a ship around in rough seas.  At STS Engineering Solutions, we can establish a deviation to our business model in the morning and literally implement that change the same afternoon.

I am an innate a risk-taker, and I regularly challenge the statement “it can’t be done.”  At STSES, we pride ourselves on developing business strategies that deviate from textbook / competitor models. Specifically, with regard to the aircraft engineering services we offer, my team of professionals embrace the challenge of developing repairs and / or major aircraft designs that our competition said “couldn’t be done.” It is this mindset, along with our commitment to provide prompt and cost-effective engineering support, which has allowed our company to serve 85% of U.S. regional carrier operators and 70% of legacy operators via liaison engineering support.

The proven ability to establish “Virtual Engineering” offices scattered across the United States, South America, Central America and Europe (in which 24/7 aircraft engineering support is provided) is unlike any other comparable business model out there. The Virtual Engineering services we provide require STSES team members to be highly disciplined and self-motivated, but the work-life balance we’re able to offer, cast alongside the preclusion for daily commutes, is a significant and positive benefit for all of our employees.

Since we encourage STS engineers to be creative, the ability to react quickly is constant. Couple that with the freedom to work remotely, and I consider myself fortunate to lead a group of highly-trained professionals who share a similar business mindset and commitment to customer service.