Aircraft Repair and Modification Services

Aircraft Repair and Modification Services

Major / Minor Aircraft Repairs & Modifications

If you’re looking for major / minor aircraft overhaul support, look no further than STS Mod Center. Our experienced and dedicated team of technicians and engineers maintain the highest industry standards and deliver exceptional results. From structural mods to complete avionics overhauls, safety is our main priority, and the results of our work can’t be beat.

Thanks to a unique partnership with Gogo, STS Mod Center is able to install modern Wifi systems on a wide-range of aircraft both faster, and for less money, than the competition. We’ve completed more than 250 Wifi installation projects, and we’re ready to help your team realize the ancillary benefits that come from offering inflight connectivity delivered with unmatched performance and speed!

InFlight Connectivity / Wifi Installs

STS Mod Center provides avionics and instrument installation, overhaul and repair services on general, civil, commercial and military aircraft. Service types include a wide range of radios and flight control systems in addition to aircraft communications and entertainment systems.

Avionics Systems Installations & Modifications

STS Mod Center’s Avionics Technicians are certified to ARINC standards for the installation and testing of fiber optic cables and systems. We have extensive experience with installations, splicing, end-to-end testing, system maintenance and troubleshooting of fiber optic cables and systems.

Fiber Optic Installations

STS Mod Center maintains a team of qualified aerospace engineers ready to perform T-PED (Transmitting Portable Electronic Device) testing on all types of wide and narrow body aircraft.

T-PED Testing

STS Mod Center’s structural repair technicians have extensive knowledge and experience in repair and overhaul capabilities for airframe structures and components. We can repair, overhaul, and / or modify airframe assemblies to factory specifications efficiently and with complete accuracy.

Sheet Metal & Structural Repairs

STS Mod Center has expertly installed large radome systems on thousands of aircraft. Each installation we perform produces key benefits for our clients, benefits that include regulatory compliance, simplified maintenance, optimized aerodynamics and increased fuel savings. Click the button below now to…

Large Radome Installations

STS Mod Center can undertake complex diagnostics with integrated circuits and other electronic discrete components. We can also help you interpreting functional manuals and wiring diagrams from schematics and up to intricate multi-systems.

Aircraft Systems Fault Diagnostics