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Aviation Staffing at STS Continues to Innovate & Fly Forward


Make no mistake… what we do at STS Aviation Group matters. Whether it’s giving someone the opportunity to provide for their family by putting them to work, or perhaps it’s the selling of certified aircraft and engine parts that help air travelers get to their destinations both on time and safely, the projects we embrace and the efforts we expel have a lasting and positive ripple effect.

Hello, everyone. My name is Rachel Hood, and I’m the Manager of Technical Recruiting at STS Engineering Solutions. Today, I’d like to briefly look back at the accomplishments our Engineering Staffing and Direct Hire divisions achieved in 2014 before jumping forward to take a glimpse into the future. Since this is my first time writing a newsletter article, it may be a bit of a bumpy flight, but when it’s all over, we will have landed with more knowledge than we started; making it an altogether productive journey.

Last year was an exceptional period of growth for the staffing side of our business. We set the bar high by establishing lofty goals aimed at growing our internal recruitment teams as well as increasing our active headcounts. Looking back, I am proud to say that we not only met those goals, we exceeded them beyond all measure of expectation. To get a full recap of last year’s staffing achievements, please click here.

Looking forward, 2015 is already shaping up to be another amazing year. We have set the bar high once again and have put a comprehensive plan in place aimed at achieving a new set of goals that will fly us even further down the path of prolonged success.

When considering the most crucial aspects of being a recruiter and placing them alongside insight and feedback from key team players, our staffing departments have collaborated to create a new KPI (Key Performance Indicators) program that will help motivate and inspire our Technical Aviation Recruiters. The new program has been designed to streamline workflow efficiency while offering top-notch support to each of our customers / clients. The result will no doubt yield more jobs for qualified aviation professionals as well as increased business opportunities and heightened revenue for our company. The road ahead is not without its challenges, however, but as we’ve continually shown in the past, our recruitment teams tend to thrive when the pressure is on.

In an effort to highlight some of the obstacles we’ll face in the coming year, I offer the following. More and more lately, STS’ Engineering Staffing department is being tasked with recruiting skill sets that are non-engineering related. These skill sets include maintenance control, planning, logistics, materials, inventory, etc… And while stepping outside of our comfort zone could have proved problematic, our staffing team has taken on this challenge with great enthusiasm and is doing a fantastic job.

Now some have said that a recruiter is only as good as the tools in their arsenal, and I tend to agree with this statement. That’s why STS has already invested – and will continue to invest – a considerable amount of time, energy and resources adopting new staffing technologies as supplied by companies like LinkedIn, Monster, CareerBuilder, Aviation Job Search, etc… These tools will help our team(s) build upon an already growing database of aviation professionals while also giving us the ability to harness the power of modern technology in an attempt to find the most qualified candidates for our clients.

In addition to the new technological tools we have in place, STS’ Engineering Staffing and Direct Hire divisions are also committed to the continued growth of its recruitment teams. We have plans to hire more Recruiters and Recruiting Coordinators in 2015; a result that will no doubt yield increased personal attention for every prospective candidate and a heightened sense of individualized service for our customers.

Here’s to another record-breaking year for STS Aviation Group’s Engineering Staffing and Direct Hire teams. Together, we place in demand aviation professionals into rewarding careers, and those efforts will not cease. After all, as the world’s leading staffing organization within the aerospace industry, STS stands proud of its ability to seek out and find the most highly-sought after aviation personnel in the business so your company can do what it does best… keep flying!