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Passion Keeps STS Component Solutions Flying

Going to work excited every day is rare for just about everyone, but for those who work in aviation, it tends to be more common. Once aviation gets in your blood (and it seems to happen very easily), you are sucked right into the middle of it all as you find yourself involved with one of the most rewarding and dynamic industries in the world.

I have been in aviation for…  quite some time, and I can truly say that there have only been a handful of days during my career when I was not excited about coming into work. I’ve always felt this way, and as I sit here and type this article, I can honestly say that, even after all these years, I am still excited about the work that I do and the industry we are in. Here are some reasons why…

For me, workplace happiness starts with a deep-rooted passion for the aviation industry, but if it was not for the team that I am surrounded by and the customers and business partners that we interface with, I am not sure if I would still hold the same level of passion that I experienced early on in my career.

At STS Component Solutions (STSCS), there is never a dull day. Each and every day there is a certain level of energy that is felt as soon as you walk into our office in Palm City, Florida. This is where it all starts, and I embrace the opportunity to interact with the passionate team(s) we have in place and the customers we support globally.

Every day is a little different from the last, and the STSCS team is constantly facing new challenges in an effort to provide value-driven solutions for our customers. Whether it is a major legacy airline in North America or an MRO in the Asia-Pacific region; there is always an opportunity for STSCS to deliver aircraft solutions better, and more efficiently, than any of our competitors.

“Solutions to Keep You Flying” is not just a tag line for STS Aviation Group, it is a state of mind that we like to instill in all of our employees. The passion our team demonstrates daily is what makes coming into work exciting. The people who make up the collective aerospace workforce are very unique, and those who work at STS are even more so.  When you add all of this together, it’s impossible for me to imagine coming into work without an overwhelming feeling of passion and excitement. I am proud of this fact but even prouder still of how hard the STSCS team works in an effort to offer quality customer service and exceptional product support, which is second to none.