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STS Aviation Group Looks to the Sky at the 26th Annual Stuart Airshow

SAS4This past weekend both military and private aircraft took flight at the 26th Annual Stuart Airshow located at the Martin County Airport in Martin County, Florida. As always, STS Aviation Group was proud to celebrate another year of success as we set up a corporate booth filled with food, fun and drinks for our employees, family and friends to enjoy.

The 2015 Stuart Airshow was a love song to aviation. The event had a classic, traveling carnival feel with amusement parks rides for the kids, games to win oversized stuffed toys, food / merchandise vendors and even an old-fashioned radio announcer. Featured prominently throughout the fairgrounds were huge jets and airplanes, and festival goers could explore inside, and experience, each plane while learning first hand what it’s like to be a pilot.

At noon each day, the planes took to the sky. It’s challenging to figure out exactly how to best capture the sheer power and energy of the display. Veteran pilots showed off their maneuvering skills in their small planes, twisting and turning for the enjoyment of the crowd, which was estimated to have exceeded 55,500 people.

Next brought the show’s biggest attraction; the fighter jets. In attendance this year were both F-16s and F-18s mightily breaking the sound barrier. People cheered and children stared in awe (or cried if their parents forgot to bring headphones). Our military was honored with the patriotic Air Force Heritage Flight, which featured two aircraft flying side-by-side in front of an American flag.

Whether it was a single pilot or an aerobatic team in a diamond formation, the most spectacular part of the show was watching these planes soar and tumble, climb to extreme altitudes and perform almost-right angle maneuvers.  While the Triumph Rock soundtrack was indeed appropriate and finely choreographed, the only complaint of the event was that, sadly, Kenny Loggins’ Danger Zone never played in the background.

The Airshow also held a special significance to us at our headquarter office in Jensen Beach, Florida. Our recruiters and other corporate employees come from a wildly broad range of backgrounds, which includes ex-aircraft mechanics and other aviation professionals. Among them was John Snyder, STS’ Business Development Manager and a veteran of the Unites States Marines. When asked to describe what the show was like for him, John said, “when I closed my eyes during the show, I felt like I was back fixing C-130’s in the Marines. The smell of jet fuel and airplane noise brings me back every time.”

At STS, we operate in the aerospace industry day and in day out, and to see what we do in motion is always rewarding. But enough of us… Please check out the pictures below and take and inside look at what this year’s event looked like from an STS prospective.

Thanks so much for taking the time, and if you have something to add to this article, shoot a quick email to Kelsey.Treister@stsaviationgroup.com.

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