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STS Component Solutions Launches into the Boeing 787 Marketplace


STS Component Solutions prides itself as being a “market pioneer” in the aviation industry.  Our track record and success has been driven by a pursuit to establish value-driven solutions to our customers and business partners.  It is also a key driver in our business strategy to always be new looking at the newest generation platforms and tailoring our services to support these platforms.

We are proud to announce that in 2014 we have launched our support and services into the B787 marketplace and have established a Global AOG support and warranty administration agreement with one of our OEM business partners, Esterline Korry.

On the B787, Esterline Korry is a Tier 1 supplier for twenty-seven Flight Deck Control Panels that are configured with one inch lighted push button switches.  STS Component Solutions will provide Global 24/7 AOG Support in three continents to support B787 Operators worldwide.  STS Component Solutions has strategic inventory positioned in numerous warehouses throughout the America’s, Asia and Europe; thus allowing us to ensure timely delivery of Korry’s B787 product line to airline operators in just about every corner of the world.

In addition to the Global AOG Support we will also be providing B787 operators with seamless warranty administration to ensure that the highest level of support and service is provided to the fleet.

The goal of this strategic partnership is to enhance the support levels to the B787 fleet and allow us to utilize our global offices and inventory locations to provide paramount support and service on this Product Line. This program further compliments our global growth strategy in addition to expanding our transition into latest generation aircraft platforms.

This strategic partnership also represents another example of STSCS stepping into the forefront and developing a value driven solution to a strategic business partner.  The fact that is program is focused on the B787 fleet allows us to take our capabilities and services into the newest generation aircraft platforms.  We are confident that we can utilize this footprint to expand our capabilities and services.

The entire STS Component Solutions team is very excited about this new milestone for STSCS and looks forward to the success and viability of this program.

This partnership represents another innovative approach to taking on a challenge and creating a business opportunity.  This is the foundation and success that has established us as a market leader in supply chain solutions.

In the words of well-known entrepreneur and visionary;

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

— Steve Jobs

Note: Click here to read the official Press Release