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STS Component Solutions Looks Toward the Future

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As we close out the second quarter of 2014 with another strong month, I find myself looking back at what we have accomplished and question… “What’s next? Where do we go from here?”

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have developed such great working relationships with our customers and OEM business partners. Without these relationships, our company would never have been able to accomplish what it has, nor would it be able to look toward the future with such promise and excitement.

STS Component Solutions is thriving. We have experienced significant growth in two of our newer business segments; Aircraft & Engine Asset Purchases as well as OEM Distribution. Both units represent two of the company’s fastest growing segments, and I am certain that they will continue to thrive. We are very confident that there is a significant a growth opportunity in each of these markets and that STS has a good pipeline that will fuel our continued growth and expansion.

In an effort to sustain and build upon the recent success we’ve experienced, STS Component Solutions will soon be implementing several new initiatives for the balance of 2014. Within the engine asset segment of our business, we will aggressively continue to seek out new engines to purchase and disassemble in an effort to complement our existing product offerings.  We also plan to further expand and diversify our engine asset program into power generation.  This is an industry that we have previously supported, and we will continue to leverage the same unique business model that has been so successful for us in our commercial business.  The increased product focus on marine and industrial power plant engines will enable STS to further diversify business/service markets that are looking for integrated, turn-key supply solutions.  We are very excited about the new opportunities that we have identified and look forward to establishing STS as a leading supplier within the power generation market.

As for OEM Distribution, STS Component Solutions will continue to leverage our global customer base and business partnerships in an effort to develop new OEM spares and MRO solution-based programs.  With the establishment of additional offices in Brazil, Europe and Asia Pacific, we now have strategically based inventories to support new and existing customers in each of these markets. We have some exciting new opportunities and programs that will be implemented later this year that will further utilize these strategic locations to provide unparalleled global support for our strategic business partners.

In 2014, STS Component Solutions has closed some very significant OEM support programs in Asia, Europe, South America and back home here in the states.  All of these programs have represented incremental new business opportunities for both our OEM partners and of course STS, and we look forward to continuing these successes by strategically creating new OEM partnerships with products that will further complement our service offerings and portfolio.

Our team is prepared for the coming challenges that we will face in the balance of 2014. But when it is all said and done, I am confident that we will record another year to remember for STS Component Solutions.

As I look back at our past successes and see what we have already accomplished, I reflect on a famous quote from one of my favorite U.S. Presidents that has always inspired me…

“There are no great limits to growth because there are no limits of human intelligence, imagination, and wonder.”

Ronald Reagan