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STS Line Maintenance Gears Up for the New Year

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STS Line Maintenance is coming off an incredible year. All twelve of our Line Stations increased their workload, our company completed numerous WiFi installations across a fleet of commercial aircraft and we also saw tremendous results while working on a prototype retrofit for multiple KC10s. Yet despite these successes, all signs point to an even bigger year for STSLM in 2015. Before we look forward, however, let’s take a step back and review – in detail – some of the major milestones we achieved this past year.

STS Line Maintenance’s crown jewel of 2014 had to be the successful completion of WiFi installations for major aircraft carriers throughout the United States. To date, the STSLM team has completed 25 installations on commercial aircraft in SEA, we are in the middle of 60 installs in LAX and we will soon start 40 installs in CMH. We have already begun working on 118 installs in COS and, in 2015, we’ve been pegged to do 70 installs in DFW, another 30 in a city yet to be determined and possibly an additional 181 in ATL.

Needless to say, this massive amount of work requires a very high level of logistics, training, quality control and material support coordination. This has taken our DOM, Brandon Monk, as well as our VP, Terry Carr, and stretched them to their operational limits. The handling of the workload increase by STSLM’s management team has been seamless, but we knew that we needed to bring in an additional executive team member to help keep us organized and focused in the coming year.

At the end of 2014, STSLM hired Robby Bush as Vice President and General Manager of STS Line Maintenance. Robby brings 25 years of experience from Delta Airlines, and we would like to take this moment to formally welcome him to the team.

In addition to hiring of Mr. Bush and the numerous successes we experienced installing WiFi systems, STSLM excelled in 2014 during a prototype retrofit on a fleet of KC10s while working for a large aircraft manufacturer and the U.S. Air Force. The “Super Tug” project – as it has been dubbed internally – began in DEN in October and continues to operate very smoothly.

STSLM also completed a GTO prototype in MOB last September (GTO stands for Ground To Orbit; a satellite antenna installation), and we couldn’t be more excited about the results.

As we look forward to 2015, it’s easy to see that STSLM will be extremely busy with WiFi projects and the simultaneous installs that accompany them. We also plan to open more Line Stations this year and hope to greatly expand the type of aircraft services we perform at all of our established stations.

The success we experienced in 2014 is no doubt attributed to the hard work and dedication of our employees and business partners. As we enter 2015, me and the rest of the STSLM crew have high hopes for the New Year, and we look forward to seeing how it all pans out.