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Aircraft Return to Lease Program

Aircraft Return to Lease Program

STS Component Solutions provides airlines, leasing companies and MROs complete inventory management solutions throughout its aircraft return to lease process. We have the working relationships, business intelligence, data analytics, repairs, engineering and support teams in place to realize significant cost savings when compared to the traditional material purchasing / repair processes.

Current Return to Lease Process

STS’ Return to Lease Process

Benefits of STS’ Return to Lease Program:

  • On-site support at MRO facilities
  • Component Advance Exchange Options
  • Cost Effective Delivery Solutions
  • DER and Engineering Services
  • Inventory Planning
  • Material Consignment
  • Repair Management of Components
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Streamlined Logistics & Transportation

Airlines and MROs have experienced an average of 25% cost savings by using the STS Component Solutions’ Return to Lease Program.