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STS Engineering Solutions

STS Engineering Solutions

STS Engineering Solutions provides FAA / DER services, aircraft repairs, modifications and STCs. You pay less and get faster service – that’s the difference.

Government Engineering Services


Aircraft Maintenance
Programs & Reliability

Engineering Jobs

Innovative & Cost Effective Aircraft Engineering

STS Engineering Solutions handles everything from aircraft repairs and modifications to STCs.

With more than 200 years of combined experience in the industry, STS’ aerospace engineering team stands ready to augment your aircraft with a cadre of multi-disciplined experts and immediate access to FAA / DER Services.

Virtual Aircraft
Engineering Program

FAA / DER services available through our Virtual Engineering Program enable even the smallest aviation companies to obtain FAA approved data on a prompt and cost-effective basis.

The aerospace engineers who participate in this program are so highly skilled, they often perform advanced analysis that precludes aircraft repairs and/or minimizes AOG repair time.

Custom Aircraft Maintenance Program

STS Engineering Solutions has the capability to perform any optimization necessary for your aircraft maintenance programs and reliability requirements. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Performing maintenance program escalations for any aircraft fleet type
  • Creating full maintenance programs for new aircraft entry into service including maintenance program manuals and related work cards
  • Maintenance program integration changes into any MRO IT system
  • Compilation and distribution of all FAA required reliability reporting
  • Management of monthly CASS and reliability reporting requirements

Turnkey AircraftModification and Certification

STS Engineering Solutions provides complete engineering packages for over 30 different types of aircraft involving in-flight entertainment, WiFi systems, cabin management, complex antenna installations and more!

Simplifying the FAA
Certification Approval Process

Our Designated Engineering Representatives (DERs) serve as the focal point of contact between our clients and the FAA.

Our management DERs will organize your certification program(s) by directing and managing the tasks of technical assessment and findings.

We even deal directly with the FAA by putting together a team of technical DERs that can successfully submit your completed certification package to the FAA.

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