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Aircraft Modification & Certification Engineering

Project Engineering

STS Engineering Solutions supports aircraft engineering design, integration and regulatory certification for almost any modification to an airframe or component.

Ability to Leverage all Divisions of STS Aviation Group to Offer “Turnkey” Solutions

  • Materials, kitting and fabrication
  • MRO Facilities
  • Working Parties
Request Type Definition STS Response (within) Repair Disposition or Repair Data Delivery (TAT)
AOG Aircraft is currently out of revenue service and will not return to scheduled revenue service without immediate maintenance action. 15 Minutes 1-6 Hours
Critical Aircraft may be forced into unscheduled maintenance or may not meet scheduled return to service. 15 Minutes 2-24 Hours
Standard Maintenance action is required during a scheduled maintenance visit. 1 Hour A "requested by" date will be provided by the operator or the maintenance facility. Requested by dates should be prioritized by the maintenance facility based on production schedule. Dispositions or repair data will be delivered on or before the request by date.
Projects Aircraft modifications required or requested by the Buyer Will coordinate with the Buyer’s leadership and Fleet Management Projects will be completed on or before the required date per FAA mandates or by the Buyer’s requested schedule.

NOTE: All Repair Disposition or Repair Data Delivery (TAT) assumes all required data has been received. Any repair approvals or projects that are reliant on FAA responses (outside of FAA DERs) will not be subject to the above.