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STS Component Solutions Announces Newest Member of Leadership Team


Tim Russo joins STS Component Solutions as its Director of Customer Solutions; responsible for overseeing customer support as well as the development of airline and MRO programs.

Palm City, Florida, July 13th, 2015 – STS Component Solutions, a division of STS Aviation Group, is proud to announce the addition of Tim Russo to its leadership team. Tim joins STS Component Solutions as its Director of Customer Solutions, and he will be responsible for the development and enhancement of current / new airline and MRO programs. Tim will also be tasked with guiding both the leadership and direction of STS’ Programs and Customer Support Team.

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STS Component Solutions Receives NORDAM 2015 Supplier Partnership Innovation Award

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STSCS is recognized by NORDAM for exemplary service related to delivery, quality, price efficiency and ease of doing business

Palm City, June 17th, 2015STS Component Solutions, a global leader in the sales and distribution of commercial aircraft and engine parts, is proud to announce that it has been selected as the recipient of the NORDAM 2015 Supplier Partnership Innovation Award.

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STS Component Solutions Looks Back and Offers a Glimpse of What Lies Ahead

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As we look back and reflect upon 2014, STS Component Solutions once again can recognize and be proud of the various milestones that we have achieved. These milestones, which we continually achieve year after year, are a direct result of our forward-looking strategy and the ability to capitalize on the pipeline of opportunities that we encounter.

When you look at each of these milestones, there are recurring themes. These themes are driven by global expansion, product diversification and value-driven solutions.

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STS Component Solutions Acquires Air-Pro Hose, a Subsidiary of Aero Maintenance Group

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Palm City, Jan. 08, 2015 – STS Component Solutions, a division of STS Aviation Group, is pleased to announce that it has acquired the assets and business relationships of Air-Pro Hose, formally of Aero Maintenence Group, which is an Air France/KLM company company located in Medley, Florida. The newly acquired business is legally named STS Distribution Solutions Inc. and will be operating as STS Air-Pro.

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STS Component Solutions Launches into the Boeing 787 Marketplace


STS Component Solutions prides itself as being a “market pioneer” in the aviation industry.  Our track record and success has been driven by a pursuit to establish value-driven solutions to our customers and business partners.  It is also a key driver in our business strategy to always be new looking at the newest generation platforms and tailoring our services to support these platforms.

We are proud to announce that in 2014 we have launched our support and services into the B787 marketplace and have established a Global AOG support and warranty administration agreement with one of our OEM business partners, Esterline Korry.

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STS Component Solutions Looks Toward the Future

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As we close out the second quarter of 2014 with another strong month, I find myself looking back at what we have accomplished and question… “What’s next? Where do we go from here?”

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have developed such great working relationships with our customers and OEM business partners. Without these relationships, our company would never have been able to accomplish what it has, nor would it be able to look toward the future with such promise and excitement.

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In the hot seat… Keith Mwanalushi of AviTrader speaks with Tom Covella, Group President at STS Component Solutions


AviTrader MRO: What attracted you to this business?

Covella: For me, I wanted to do something different. Something that you can deliver value and make a difference. The aviation aftermarket business is a very dynamic and fast paced business. Every day represents new opportunities and challenges. But the most fascinating part of the business is the relationships that can be established in all of the global markets. I have been very fortunate to be able to forge great relationships in many global markets and that coupled with the items mentioned above is what makes this business what it is.

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STS Component Solutions leverages Quantum MRO & Logistics Software

The Challenge

The immense complexity of engine and aircraft component services at STS Component Solutions comprises background processes for sourcing, teardown, disposition, cost, logistics, sales, support and detailed regulatory data management for global engine and airframe parts distribution services. To further streamline operations, STS wanted to move from using disparate systems for accounting and ERP and into a modern solution that would integrate business processes across their division to become more efficient and responsive to their customer needs.

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