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Cost-Effective Aerospace Engineering Services by STS

Plain and simple, STS Engineering Solutions prides itself in providing prompt, creative, and cost-effective engineering support in lieu of our competition and OEMs.  With a tangible cost-per-minute loss sustained when a commercial aircraft is out of revenue service, time is of the essence.  STS Engineering Solutions has a proven track record of providing 24/7 prompt and creative engineering support to minimize out-of-revenue cost in strict compliance with all Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs).

This industry-leading response time is equally important in the heavy check environment as well.  By reducing the repair scope and/or negating the requirement for a repair (based on certification analysis), the resultant reduction to mechanic labor hours provides a direct correlation to reduced days out of service.  Whereas our competition may take hours or days, STSES measures our response time in minutes.

Equally important to response time is cost. STS Engineering Solutions has established a consistent fee for Minor Repairs, Major Repairs (requiring 8110-3), and Damage Tolerance Analysis (DTA).  From a business perspective, this allows our valued customers to budget at quarterly, or annual, intervals based on average usage per month. Additionally, for MROs, this standard fee allows for consistent estimates to their customers for STS’ engineering support.  Understanding the industry need for 24/7 engineering support on an urgent basis, STS Engineering Solutions does not charge a premium for AOG events. We treat every project as an AOG event in an effort to minimize out-of-service time.

Additionally, STS Engineering Solutions is adept at accomplishing Major Alterations, PMAs, and STCs.  Our team of Design and Stress Engineers are versed in any fleet (rotorcraft and fixed wing) and cover all disciplines (structures, electrical/avionics, systems, power plant, interiors, and composites).  Lastly, we can place temporary Contract Engineers/Technical Specialists at your facility to address peak workload times and/or supplement your engineering organization with highly experienced specialists.

In all cases, STSES stands ready to support your engineering needs! Have questions? We encourage you to contact us at any time discuss your company’s aerospace engineering requirements.