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STS Aviation Services: Terms Of Use

STS Aviation Services International: Terms & Conditions

Requirements of Purchase Orders or contracts issued by STS Aviation Services International are stated below. Suppliers are required to fulfill all applicable terms. Please contact STS Aviation Services International Purchasing or Quality Assurance if you have any questions on any item herein.

Products and Services

Processes, products and services provided to STS Aviation Services International shall be accomplished in accordance with standard industry practices, customer provided technical data, or regulatory authority.

Methods, Processes, Equipment

Methods processes and equipment for services or products delivered to STS Aviation Services International used shall be those as recommended by the customer or OEM unless otherwise specified or agreed to by STS Aviation Services International Quality Assurance.

Release of Products and Services

Supplier will release products and services in accordance with applicable regulatory authority or industry standards when required by the specifics of the Purchase Order.

Competence and Qualifications of Personnel

Supplier agrees that competent personnel with the applicable qualifications shall be in accordance with specifics as stated on the Purchase Order in relation to Products and Services provided.

Supplier Interactions

Supplier and STS Aviation Services International shall agree that all communications and interactions shall be conducted with applicable personnel within each organization as applicable to each submitted Purchase Order.

Control and Monitoring of Suppliers Performance

STS Aviation Services International monitor Suppliers performance based on quality of delivered product and services and on time performance of delivered product or services. Services may be extended or terminated with Supplier based on performance and quality statistics.

Verification-Validation at Suppliers Premises

The Supplier agrees that STS Aviation Services International shall have access to supplier’s premises for the verification or validation of product and services.

Quality System

The supplier shall implement and maintain a Quality Management System when specified by the Purchase Order.

Customer Designated or Approved External Providers

When specified by the Purchase Order the Supplier is required to use customer designated or approved external providers including process sources or special sources.

Notice of Nonconforming Product

Detection of a nonconforming product regarding any order (currently in work or previously shipped) must be promptly communicated to STS Aviation Services International Quality Assurance for disposition.

Counterfeit / Unapproved Parts

The Supplier shall develop and maintain a method for the identification, detection, and removal of Counterfeit Product or unapproved parts from their system. Where it is determined that a Suspected Counterfeit Article or unapproved part has escaped the Suppliers facility, STS Aviation Services International Quality Assurance shall be immediately notified.

Notification of Changes

Whenever changes to the suppliers quality system, facility, or processes, products, or services have occurred, including change in ownership or management, new equipment, location, etc. STS Aviation Services International Quality Assurance shall be immediately notified. Re-qualification of the QMS or Processes may be required.

Flow Down to External Providers

STS Aviation Services International Quality Assurance shall be notified and approval provided prior to outsource of any work to Sub-tier suppliers. If any order is approved for outsource to your suppliers, all applicable requirements and specifications must be flowed down (including all applicable key characteristics) to each sub-tier supplier used.

Record Retention

Suppliers must maintain conformance and traceability records regarding the product or service provided to STS Aviation Services International for a period of five (5) years or, as otherwise stated in the PO or contract. Records exceeding the retention period, (or specifically identified as retention not necessary) may be discarded in accordance with the supplier procedures.

Right to Access

STS Aviation Services International, our customers, and all applicable regulatory agencies have the right to enter the supplier’s facility to review all processes and records that relate to any STS Aviation Services International purchase order or contract previously processed or currently in process. Entry will be with appropriate prior notification and to planned and agreed upon arrangements.

Personnel Awareness

Supplier shall insure personnel related to the issued PO are aware of their contribution to product or service conformity, their contribution to product safety and the importance of ethical behavior.

Specific Authority or Customer Requirements

Specific authority shall not be granted to Supplier by STS Aviation Services International. Supplier is responsible for compliance with specific authorities delegated when specified on purchase order. Specific Customer requirements will be flowed down to the Supplier in the Purchase Order. All special processes required by this PO must be performed by qualified personnel, pre-approved processes, approved chemistry, and/ or materials and be appropriately released to service on an EASA Form 1, FAA Form 8130-3 or equivalent and have the appropriate markings. Special processes may include welding, platting, painting, heat treat, etc. (list not inclusive).

Delivery Documentation

All documents, test records, certificates, and other documents and data related to a STS Aviation Services International Purchase Order shall be prepared and provided in English. One (1) copy of each certification document specified below shall accompany each shipment or payment will be withheld until certification is received. Certification shall be signed by a responsible member of the Supplier’s firm. Each certification shall identify STS Aviation Services International. Purchase Order shall identify the items covered by the certification. Materials received without certification may be rejected and returned at the Supplier’s expense.

Malfunctions, Defects, Un-Airworthy Conditions.

Products or services that have escaped the Suppliers quality management system shall be reported to STS Aviation Services International Quality Assurance immediately upon discovery.

Review of Requirements

Supplier is expected to fully review all documents and data related to a Purchase Order to ensure completeness and understanding. Where there are any omitted or unclear requirements the Supplier is expected to notify STS Aviation Services International Quality Assurance immediately. Processing shall not begin until these issues are resolved.

Revision to Previous Activity

Where revisions to previously processed articles are submitted to the Supplier, the Supplier shall identify and acknowledge such changes. Any documents and data from previous revisions shall be destroyed or otherwise made unusable and this activity communicated back to STS Aviation Services International Quality Assurance.

Conformity, Test Reports and Airworthiness Certificates

Conformance records showing that each product/service listed on the associated PO, attachments, process lists, etc. meet all agreed upon requirements in regards to the issuance of certificates of conformity, test reports, airworthiness certificates, Form 1, etc. shall be provided as an original to STS Aviation Services International with the product.

Inspection Records

When included within the Purchase Order, Statistical Process Control (SPC) activity shall be performed and related charts, graphs, or calculations resulting from the SPC activity shall be submitted with the product and associated documentation package.

Contract Review

Any differences between what is listed on the PO and related documents and what is provided by the supplier must be clearly identified, communicated and approved by STS Aviation Services International Quality Assurance prior to return shipment.

MRB Authority

Supplier is not, under any circumstance, granted MRB authority. Customer provided documents and designs or documents and data provided by STS Aviation Services International shall not be altered, changed, or revised without prior written approval of STS Aviation Services International Quality Assurance, our customers or appropriate regulatory agency.

DFAR Compliance

All specialty metals shall be compliant with DFAR 252.225.7014 unless specifically authorized in writing to provide materials from alternate sources. Authorization must come from STS Aviation Services International Quality Assurance, be in writing, and provided before delivery of product to our facility.

Supplier Control of Data and Technical Documents

Each Supplier shall have a process in place to control and protect provided drawings, data, and related technical documentation. The controls shall address distribution, protection, retrieval, and disposal at a minimum.

Requirements for Test Specimens

Documents or evidence of specimen testing and acceptance shall be followed by the Supplier per specific instructions or terms as listed on the purchase order when required.

Calibration of Inspection, Measuring and Test Equipment

For All Providers of Calibration Service, calibration shall be performed and certified in accordance with the latest revision of ISO-17025 or equivalent unless otherwise specified. Calibration records or reports shall identify environmental conditions, actual measures or readings of test results, and identify the process, method, or procedure followed in the course of all work performed.

Use of English Language

All documents, test records, certificates, and other documents and data related to a STS Aviation Services International Purchase Order shall be prepared and provided in English.

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