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STS Component Solutions Expands its Global Inventory to Mainland China


STS Component Solutions (STSCS) prides itself  as global provider of aircraft inventory and supply chain solutions, and each year it  looks to expand its footprint.  In 2014, STSCS  launched its  first step into the emerging Asia Pacific market by  establishing an inventory warehouse in Singapore. In July 2015, it  further expanded this footprint by establishing a stocking inventory location in mainland China.

The launch of this project in Q3 of 2015 was consistent with STS’ strategic goals and initiatives that had been set forth earlier in the year. This new stocking location is based in Shanghai and represents another key milestone in the globalization of STS Component Solutions’  business model.

Our main goal is to utilize this inventory to broaden the company’s service offerings in the region and to provide customers with a seamless approach to aircraft inventory. We will utilize this inventory to support a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program that we have established with one of the flagship airlines in the region.

As we further assess our business, we see tremendous opportunities in building upon the success we have established during  the VMI program, as well as the value-added benefits that this program provides. The entire STS Component Solutions’ team is  very excited about this expansion, and we see this new stocking location as a great foundation to build upon in the Asiatic region.