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STS Expands its Aircraft Engineering Services in Latin America

The expansion of STS Engineering Solutions‘ (STSES) stronghold in Latin America has been both challenging and rewarding. Based on the fact that business potentially follows after establishing a credible / meaningful relationships, STSES started sowing the seed, so to speak, more than two years ago.  Our Business Development (BD) team culminated this necessary relationship upon participating in local Latin American MROs. In addition, understanding our customers’ needs became paramount, and upon receiving our first engineering projects in the region, cost-effective and prompt follow-up service was required at all times.

Aircraft certification challenges are monumental when dealing with four regulatory agencies: FAA, ANAC, DGAC and EASA.  Whereas the individual Bi-Lateral Agreements provide guidance for acceptance of major repairs with 8110-3 approval, minor repairs are not addressed.  Additionally, PMA and STC’s require specific Latin American review and approval based on varying certification aspects.  STS Engineering Solutions is working with all noted agencies to build our relationship and seek efficiency we depend on to deliver the best engineering product.

To date, STS Engineering Solutions is providing 24/7 Liaison Engineering to approximately 85% of U.S. operators.  The same successful business model that helped build this company is propelling our expansion in both Latin America and Europe. We are committed to providing all of our valued customers cost-effective and prompt engineering support, and we encourage you to contact us at any time discuss your company’s aerospace engineering requirements.