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STS Aviation Services: Critical Supplies Now Available

Critical Supplies

STS Aviation Services (STS), a division of STS Aviation Group and a leading MRO provider to the global aviation industry, is manufacturing critical supplies at its Canadian AMO repair stations in support of the global COVID-19 pandemic relief effort.

Non-medical face masks and face shields, medical gowns, scrubs, patient curtains, aircraft seat blockers, aircraft seat cover headrests and office cubicle dividers are now on the production line. The company is also prototyping designs on Hazmat suits, hospital sheets, pillowcases and aircraft in-flight entertainment screen guards.

Lena Watters, Sr. Vice President & General Manager of STS Aviation Services, said “Now is not the time for our company, or any other company with the means, for that matter, to sit idly on the sidelines in anticipation of a positive outcome. Knowing that we had the capability to produce supplies that are in critical need to the public, we decided to act fast to get prototypes made, tested and re-tested all before flipping our production lines.”

In early March of 2020, STS Aviation Group issued a “work from home” order for all non-essential personnel across its global workforce. In addition, the team executed a meticulous work-safety plan for all essential employees that remained on the job site.

This work-safety plan, as noted by STS Aviation Group’s President, Mark Smith, was a critical component in ensuring the success of this relief effort. Smith said “The safety of our essential employees has always been our primary concern. If they were not healthy and given a sterile and pristine environment to operate in, we would not have been able to lend our support to this global relief effort. In saying that, I am immensely proud of our team’s time, dedication and hard work. They made this possible. Now let us continue that work and get these supplies to those who need it most.”

To order the critical face masks and / or face shields being produced inside of our Canadian facilities, please email: sales@stsaviationgroup.com or call (514) 735-5260.

Full product information can be found below. We will update this page accordingly when new products enter production.