Government Projects

STS Aviation Group not only provides commercial aviation companies with the best aerospace personnel in the country, it also staffs military projects with high-quality aircraft technicians and engineers on an as-needed basis. 

Over the years, STS Aviation has successfully placed countless aviation professionals to work on government projects such as…

  • C-130 Chaff and Flare Modifications and Aircraft Overhauls
  • C-130 Avionics Upgrade Program
  • KC-10 Overhaul Program
  • C-9 Nightingale Overhauls
  • F4 Phase Maintenance
  • F-117 Prepped Aircraft for Desert Fox
  • C-130 Heavy Maintenance Overhaul Program
  • KC-135 Heavy Maintenance Overhaul Program
  • C-12 Overhaul Program
  • KC-135 (707) Heavy Repair and Maintenance Program for the U.S.  Marshalls
  • T-43 Overhaul Program

STS AeroStaff Services is in the process of becoming a pre-approved, federally qualified vendor for the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). Soon, our team will be able to offer specialized labor personnel to the U.S. Government at GSA-approved prices.

STS Aviation Group continually seeks public-sector support through prime contracting, subcontracting and team building. If you’re interested in working with STS AeroStaff Services within the public sector, contact

Identification Information

Cage Code -- 584L1

NAICS Codes -- 336411, 336412, 488190, 541330, 561320

GSA Contract -- GS10F0256X