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Aircraft Seats

Aircraft Seats

STS Aviation Services in Canada has been working with aircraft seats for more than 20 years. With an experienced crew, we repair and overhaul a variety of aircraft passenger and crew seats. We have a long-established reputation for quality, performance, integrity and leadership. Contact us today to learn more!

Our aircraft “Seats” Division has the capabilities and expertise needed to repair, and overhaul, all types of aircraft passenger seats (both 9G and 16G). STS Aviation Services in Canada also manufactures dress covers (leather and fabric) and performs many repairs in-house on shrouds, panels, arm caps and more. All aircraft seats are released with complete TC approved Form-1.

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Aircraft Seat Specialities:

  • Crew Seats – Pilot
  • Co-Pilot Seats, Navigator
  • Flight Engineer Seats
  • Flight Attendant Seats
  • Business Class Seats
  • First Class Seats
  • Premium Economy Class
  • Economy Class Seats