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Electrical Component Services

STS Aviation Services has a comprehensive electrical component division that is second to none in Canada. Our department is focused on high-quality repairs for many types of aircraft coffee makers, ovens, water boilers, chillers and more. Having dedicated technicians provide our customers a tremendously reliable product. 

STS Aviation Services also has many specialized repair programs, and our team can get repair instruction manuals (rims) to yield immediate value/savings. Check out the following information to learn more.

The News

Aircraft Component Overhaul:

Some of the more popular aircraft components serviced by STS Aviation Services in Canada includes…

  • Coffee makers
  • Chillers
  • Ovens
  • Water Boilers
  • Trash compactors
  • Ignition components
  • Harnesses
  • Fire detection elements
  • Headsets, boom sets, in-seat power supply
  • Aircraft lighting
  • AOG support


“Even though your component may not be listed, we are certainly in a position to evaluate your needs and respond accordingly. please contact our sales department for additional information or to conduct an in-person tour of our high- tech facilities.”


We Support the Following OEMs:

  • B/E Aerospace
  • Inventum
  • Iacobucci Americana
  • IPECO/Benson‐Lund
  • Zodiac
  • Aerolux
  • TIA Major Airlines – Regional Airlines – Executive Aircraft
Repairing, rather than replacing, an electrical engine harness can provide large savings over the purchase of a new OEM harness. We also provide a repaid turnaround time on repairs, returning your aircraft harness to “like new” condition with a warranty on all repairs.

With skilled technicians, OEM support and solid inventory management, our customers are assured of a reliable product that is delivered on budget and on time.  This winning combination saves your company time and money.

The type of electrical engine harnesses repairs offered by STS Aviation Services includes:

  • Engine gas temperature (EGT) thermocouple systems
  • Igniter systems
  • Full authority digital engine control systems
  • Power management control systems
  • Vibration monitoring systems
  • Fire detection and extinguishing systems

Check Out Our Aircraft Harness Repair Services:

  • Diagnostic testing
  • Complete strip down and rebuild
  • Partial strip down and rebuild
  • Wire replacement
  • Partial or full re-braid (stainless steel, nickel-plated copper ([EMI], Nomex, PEEK™, or other materials as required)
  • Terminal end replacement
  • Terminal box overhaul and harness re-assembly
  • Connector and back-shell replacement
  • Continuity and hi-pot testing
  • Release to service with Form-1

Core Service Offerings:

  • Manufacturing of soft goods such as seat covers, carpet cutting/surging, and specialty cases.
  • Turnkey logistics management, inventory management, kitting programs and BFE management.
  • In-house repair and maintenance of seats, inserts, galley and lavatory monuments, ULD containers and pallets as well as onboard cabin maintenance for seats and soft goods.
In addition, we have expanded our service offerings to include other areas of the transportation industry.

The STS Advantage:

  • Quick TAT (turn-around time)
  • Detailed repair data available
  • Warranty tracking, OEM part/equipment performance reporting
  • Manage repair, transportation and cross-border entry as necessary
  • Access to PMA parts and materials
  • Quick responsiveness to customer requests & requirements

Performance Reporting:

  • Comprehensive Data Reporting.
  • Proprietary software.