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Cargo Equipment Repairs / Racking Solutions

Aircraft Cargo Equipment Repairs / Racking Solutions

STS Aviation Services is Canada’s leading ULD and aircraft cargo unit repair shop. We hold current certifications from Transport Canada as well as EASA for the repair of all types of containers, pallets and cargo nets.

Many of our services are performed in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver in a very professional manner. We can also assist you with your storage and racking needs. We also offer assembly and quality check of equipment, no matter who the manufacturer is, with short turnaround times so your equipment is back in service as fast as possible. Contact us today to learn more.

The News

ULD Storage System:

Through our partners, VIKING Trailers International we offer Modular storage systems, custom designed to allow extra units to be added to extend the storage area or dismantled for relocation. Although the system is primarily designed to carry LD3 units it can also store LD1, LD2, and LD3-45 containers.
A ball transfer unit deck added to the front of system allows easy rotation of ULDs and selection of storage lane. With Hot dip galvanized steel fabricated construction it has proven to stand the test of time. Many options such as lift, lighting can be incorporated to meet your requirements.

Our Services Include:

  • Repair and assembly of all lower and upper deck ULD’s
  • Net and curtain repairs
  • Pallet straightening and alignment
  • Specialist in repairs of refrigerated control units
  • 3 Large workshops across Canada with qualified, highly skilled and experienced workforce
  • Storage space for unserviceable respectively repaired or assembled equipment
  • Pallet straitening and alignment bench
  • Automated order, production and materials management system with detailed summary of services and costs
  • Airside trucks for pickups and deliveries to your desired location, for your convenience