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Product Development

Product Development

STS Aviation Services’ product development teams bring new ideas to life!

A new idea benefits from professional design input to maximise its potential, resolve functional aspects and create patentable features. With skilled product design partners, our team can add substantial value to your invention, idea or even an adaptation to and existing product to better suit your needs. By combining our problem solving skills and our creative thinking, we always find a way.

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Developing Viable Concepts With Soft Goods Is Our Specialty:

Aircraft cabin interiors, seats covers and product design does not have to be an expensive proposition. If you have the idea, we have the means to do it efficiently and economically.

Although we work with various materials, our strength lies with softs goods. From textiles to foams, we have designers to conceptualize your vision. Thorough idea evaluation is an essential step towards successful new product development. Our team ensures that your projects begin with detailed design specifications to establish key product criteria and design considerations and we make it happen. Building upon our initial evaluation, our concept development process explores ideas in detail, developing functionality, usability, styling and features that could benefit a patent application.

For the 737 Max and 787 Dreamliner

Converted seat row markers to a Visually Impaired Seat row markers for all types of aircraft. Meets or exceeds all flammability requirements.