Five Things STS Aviation Group is Thankful For

This Thanksgiving, STS Aviation Group would like to raise a proverbial glass and celebrate our employees, business partners, clients and friends. This year has been an amazing one for our company, and the entire STS family is honored by your continued enthusiasm and support.

In addition, we’d also like to express a sense of gratitude and appreciation for the following five things.

Our Competition

Thank you for keeping us on our toes and pushing our teams to innovate. Thank you for causing us sleepless nights that morph into fresh ideas and exceptional results. Also, thank you for trying to steal our customers. In doing so, you’ve ensured that we will never grow complacent.

Daunting Challenges

Thank you for forcing us to think outside of the box. You’ve given us the ability to overcome and adapt to any situation; a trait many companies tout but few actually possess.

Tiny Victories

Thank you for keeping our employees motivated and moving forward. Without you, we would never be able to celebrate corporate milestones with such regularity.

Quirky Colleagues

Thank you for the laughs, the love and the camaraderie we feel daily. Your uniqueness and diversity rest at the heart of STS Aviation Group. You make our professional lives more enjoyable, our workloads less stressful and our corporate culture a lot of fun.

Our Leaders

Thank you for giving us the tools we need to excel at our jobs. Thank you for consistently being a source of inspiration to draw from. Your kindness, compassion and accessibility have proven — time and time again — that who we are as people is just as important as the work we do.

Parting Thoughts 

This Thanksgiving, take a moment to think about and reflect upon what really matters to you. Embrace life’s obstacles and turn them into opportunities. Celebrate small victories, welcome change and cherish the people who regularly inspire you to achieve great things.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.