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FAA / DER Support

FAA / DER Support

STS Engineering Solutions provides liaison and project engineering support across the aviation industry.

As a 24/7 aircraft engineering support organization, our company embraces the need for expedient and cost-effective services.

And with (21) DER’s on staff, we stand ready to support any aircraft initiative.

Certification Support

According to their size (weight), fixed-wing aircraft are designed and certified via FARs (Federal Aviation Regulations) Part 23 and 25.

Rotorcraft (helicopters) are designed and certified via FARs 27 and 29. Knowing this, STS Engineering Solutions can help you with:

Designated Engineering
Representations (DERs)

With 21 DERs on staff, STS Engineering Solutions can assist your team with the following approvals and repairs:

  • Static DER Approvals
  • DTA DER Approvals
  • Approved and Acceptable Data
  • Major Repairs
  • Minor Repairs
  • …and more

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Engineering support throughout the aviation industry is complex and highly regulated.

With that in mind, let expert engineering teams at STS Engineering Solutions be your 24/7, cost-effective choice for every one of your aircraft(s) engineering requirements and approvals.