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Elevate Your Airline Operations with STS Line Maintenance

Elevate Your Airline Operations with STS Line Maintenance (1)

At STS Line Maintenance, our mission is clear… to provide unparalleled line maintenance services that keep your aircraft safe and operational. With 47 strategically located line maintenance stations across the United States, the Bahamas, and the United Kingdom, we ensure your aircraft receive the highest standard of care, no matter where you are.

Comprehensive Line Maintenance Services

Our expansive network of dependable Line Maintenance Technicians is dedicated to supporting commercial and regional airlines with efficiency and expertise. We understand the critical nature of timely responses to Aircraft on Ground (AOG) situations, and our team is equipped to minimize downtime and mitigate costs associated with delays.

Our Global Line Maintenance Support Services Include:

  • DER/Engineering Support: Rapidly fulfill engineering support needs on most commercial airframes through our partnerships.
  • AOG Response Teams: Deploy quickly for specialized projects such as engine changes and hard landing inspections.
  • On-Call Services: Available 24/7/365 to address any unexpected maintenance needs.
  • Scheduled Services: Routine maintenance to keep your fleet in top condition.
  • Through Flight Meet & Greets: Ensuring smooth transitions and quick turnarounds.
  • RON Maintenance: Comprehensive overnight checks and repairs.
  • Non-Routine Discrepancy Reports: Detailed assessments and solutions for unforeseen issues.
  • GSE Maintenance: Maintenance for ground support equipment to ensure operational readiness.
  • Turnaround and Service Checks (up to Level A): Thorough inspections and maintenance to keep flights on schedule.

Safety First, Always

The safety of your aircraft and passengers is our top priority. We adhere strictly to all corporate, federal, and local safety standards, ensuring that our work is not only completed but completed correctly. Our commitment to safety is unwavering, and it drives everything we do.

Overnight Maintenance Checks

STS Line Maintenance can support any specific check routine required, incorporating base maintenance into overnight services to maximize aircraft availability. Our experienced technicians perform thorough inspections and maintenance, ensuring your aircraft is ready for the next flight.

DER and Engineering Support

Our sister companies allow us to provide flexible and rapid engineering support for most commercial airframes. Whether it’s troubleshooting or repairs, our certified DERs and engineers are ready to assist.

Advanced Troubleshooting and Repair

With web-based work order systems tailored to each airline, our uniform processes across all 47 stations ensure consistency and reliability. Our Line Maintenance Technicians are fully qualified to troubleshoot and repair all designated aircraft systems, including avionics and autopilot.

Rapid AOG Response Teams

When an aircraft is grounded, every second counts. Our AOG response teams are ready to deploy at a moment’s notice, providing specialized recovery services that get your aircraft back in the air quickly and safely.

The STS Aviation Group Advantage

As part of the STS Aviation Group family, we have access to a vast array of resources and expertise. From sourcing hard-to-find parts through STS Component Solutions to leveraging the engineering prowess of STS Engineering Solutions, we are equipped to handle any maintenance challenge. Our relationship with STS Technical Services ensures we have a ready pool of skilled mechanics available to assist wherever and whenever needed.

Contact Us

Learn more about how STS Line Maintenance can support your airline operations by filling out the form below. One of our team members will get back to you shortly. For immediate assistance, contact us 24/7/365 at 1-877-707-5757.