Efficient global inventory solutions for all of your aircraft maintenance needs!

Component Solution

STS Component Solutions is dedicated to providing the highest level of quality and responsiveness to our airline and MRO customers.  We offer a comprehensive selection of aircraft components coupled with value-driven services designed to reduce the cost of ownership and maximize utilization through inventory pooling, logistics support, repair management, technical services and inventory valuations.

We employ the most efficient and cost-effective methods for obtaining hard to find  aircraft components, and we continually expand our inventory based on forecasted demands, historical use and specific customer requirements. The inventory we house throughout the world compliments our OEM distribution lines, which feature items such as MarathonNorco Hold Open Rods, Darchem Thrust Reverse Blankets, Avionic Instruments Static Inverters, Perkins Cockpit Sliding/Passenger Windows and so much more!

In today’s fast-paced aerospace industry, STS Component Solutions is the one global company that can provide the aircraft inventory and on-time delivery needed to keep you flying.

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Our Service Structure

STS's comprehensive inventory solutions and value-driven services are designed to reduce cost of ownership and maximize inventory utilization through:

  • OEM Distribution Services
  • Inventory Pooling
  • Logistics Support
  • Repair Management
  • Technical Services
  • Inventory Valuations

Over the years, we've invested considerable resources in the development of a Technical Database that enables us to forecast projected usage. This way we are able to stock and maintain inventory volume based on your anticipated aircraft component needs. This inventory of aircraft components complements our OEM distribution lines, which features manufacturers and components such as:

Acme Aerospace: Battery Chargers, Battery Packs
Aero-Controlex: Pitot Electrically-Heated Probes, Pitot Static Probes, Static Pressure Ports
Ancra International: Cost Effective Power Drive Units
Avionic Instruments: Static Inverters, Frequency Converters, Transformers
Carleton Technologies: Commercial Aircraft Gaseous Emergency Oxygen Systems
Donaldson Filtration Solutions: Crew Compartment and Avionic System Filtration, Engine Filtration Systems
Darchem Engineering: Thrust Reverser Insulation Blankets, Brake Heat Shields
Korry: Integrated Controls, LED Switches and Indicators
Mason– Janco: Cockpit Controls, Rotary Switches, Trim Switches
MarathonNorco Aerospace: NiCad Maintenance Batteries, Nacelle Hold Open Rods
Perkins Aircraft Services: Cockpit Sliding Windows (ERJ’s) Passenger Windows (Embraer, Bombardier)
Skurka Aerospace: Electric Motors, Speed Pickup Transducers
Spirit Aerosystems: Thrust Reversers, Flight Control Surfaces

We also stock Ipeco Crew Seats and Crew Seat Sub-Components; and look to stock new generation MEL Go/No Go components. In today’s fast-paced aerospace industry, STS Component Solutions is the company that can provide the inventory and the on-time delivery to keep you flying.

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