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✈ Aviation 100 Awards: Vote STS Component Solutions & STS Line Maintenance

Aviation 100 Awards

Aviation News (Airline Economics) kicked off its annual Aviation 100 Awards, and the STS Component Solutions and STS Line Maintenance teams are in the running to take home coveted hardware across two unique categories. 

Parts Supplier of the Year: STS Component Solutions
Best MRO Supplier: STS Line Maintenance 
Needless to say, this would be huge for all of us at STS Aviation Group, but we cannot win these awards without the support of our customers, business partners, colleagues and friends.
A few minutes of your time is all I am asking for. Simply click the link below to get started on the survey.
Click To Vote: https://bit.ly/aviation-100-awards
You can opt to go through all of the survey’s questions if you’d like (some are required), or you can skip each by selecting “Next.” But once you get to the “Parts Supplier of the Year” and “Best MRO Supplier” questions, be sure to cast your vote for STS Component Solutions and STS Line Maintenance!
Your support is greatly appreciated. It truly does mean the world to us.