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STS Engineering Solutions Promotes John Fasano, Nolan Fletcher & Amber North

STS Engineering Solutions Promotes Three

John Fasano, Director of Service Engineering : 

STS Aviation Group is pleased to announce the recent promotion of John Fasano to Director of Service Engineering for STS Engineering Solutions

A native of Stuart, Florida, John began his career at STS Engineering Solutions in 2015 after graduating Trinity College with a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering. John applied his talents straightaway, starting his STS career as the primary Damage Tolerance (DT) Coordinator, an essential function with immediate noticeable impacts on revenue and profitability. From there he progressed quickly, managing and performing the support for DT analysis, certification and AMOCs.  It was not long before John was writing most of the DT reports and developing what is now STS’ in-house DT team. One of John’s prouder moments was being asked to support a risk assessment program to validate a fleet’s airworthiness. The content of his engineering analysis has been routinely published through Congress to substantiate the fleets continued operations.

Even with his primary duties, John has always volunteered to support the team when needed to help develop static repairs or solutions for AOG events, Heavy Maintenance visits and “Off-hours” requirements. Over the years, John has been instrumental in leading efforts to further develop and expand STS’ overall engineering strengths and core capabilities. 

John’s knowledge and experiences along with his dedication to the team has allowed him move quickly through the ranks holding various manager roles within the group. In his new role, John will be responsible for leading STS’ Service Engineering organization. In performance of his duties, John will continue to ensure that STS Engineering Solutions consistently delivers the most safe, compliant and highest quality solution to our customers always meeting or exceeding customer expectations and respective deadlines.

Nolan Fletcher, Director of Project Engineering:

STS Aviation Group is pleased to announce the recent promotion of Nolan Fletcher to Director of Project Engineering for STS Engineering Solutions

Born and raised in Lisbon New York, Nolan grew up with an affinity for aviation and aerospace. This drive led Nolan to attend Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida where he graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s of Science in Aerospace Engineering. Following graduation and wanting to avoid New York winters, Nolan accepted a position with SpaceX in Cape Canaveral Florida where he served as an essential member of their launch integration team. 

Apparently looking for a challenge even harder than going to space, Nolan decided to make the move into the commercial aviation market, hiring on with STS Engineering Solutions in 2016. 

Nolan spent the first several years with STS working as a structural liaison engineer. Nolan has demonstrated true initiative; always going beyond what was expected of him. He quickly became integral part of our 24/7 engineering support team. In late 2018, Nolan became more involved in STS’ Special Projects division, assisting with aircraft alterations, modifications, FAA (and foreign authorities) certification, and project management. Since moving into the project team Nolan has helped to greatly expand STS’ capabilities and industry presence. As Sr. Manager, Nolan took leadership over the entire Projects department, completely revamped the department’s project management structure and processes, and established a more robust groundwork for future growth. As Director of the department, we will heavily rely on Nolan to continue his efforts growing the team to meet the rapidly increasing new customer demand while always maintaining the level of excellence our current partners have become accustomed too.   

Amber North, Manager of Service Engineering:

STS Aviation Group is pleased to announce the recent promotion of Amber North to Manager of Service Engineering for STS Engineering Solutions

Amber began her career in commercial aviation in January 2000 working through a Co-Op program with Delta Airlines while she attended Georgia Institute of Technology “Go Yellow Jackets!”  This is where she fell in love with airplanes and never looked back. After graduating with her B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering, the industry was still feeling the effects of the September 11th tragedy. Not wanting to stray from her passion for aviation Amber worked the next few years as a contractor supporting companies such as World Airways, Oliver Wyman and Delta Airlines ultimately landing at ExpressJet as their Manager of Structures Engineering.  This time in her career was a perfect environment for Amber, giving her the ability to gain experience in multiple areas of aircraft engineering while still affording her the time and flexibility to raise her three adorable children.

STS was so fortunate to get to know Amber, working directly with her, as we provided engineering repairs through our support partnership with ExpressJet. We were even more fortunate to have the ability to hire Amber in early 2019. Since day one, she has proven herself irreplaceable. Whether she is mentoring our younger associate engineers, waking up at 2:00am to provide a customer with a repair or traveling the country in support of HMV or AOG or requirements, Amber works tirelessly to ensure the needs of our customers and our team are met. In her new Managerial role, Amber will oversee all the daily activities of the 24/7 service team. She will focus on the groups hiring, training and retention programs as well as managing the expedited dispatch and delivery of the ever-growing volume of repair support requests.

STS Aviation Services Promotes Justin Johnson & Richard Castillo

STS Aviation Services Promotes

The success of the STS Aviation Services‘ team is dependent upon the success of its people. When one of us wins, we all win, and when we all win, we celebrate those victories together. That is why it gives us great pleasure to announce the following two promotions…

  • Justin Johnson has been promoted to Vice President of Logistics and Materials. 
  • Richard Castillo has been promoted to Vice President of Operations.

Justin is now directly responsible for the material and tooling aspects of STS Aviation Services’ base maintenance operation in Melbourne, Florida. Justin is graduate from the University of Alabama and has more than 15 years of industry experience in MRO materials, logistics and tooling; including previous oversight of major STC modifications in China, Canada, Costa Rica and the United States. 

“I am excited for the opportunity to continue the growth of our rapidly expanding capabilities throughout our customer base and the aerospace community,” sites Johnson. “By providing global solutions to our customers, we are able to increase efficiency across many aspects of the business. The success of our organization is predicated on the core values of professionalism, respect, integrity, dependability, and enthusiasm. I look forward to building on these values in my new role to achieve our common goals, objectives and customer satisfaction.” 

As for Richard, he is now directly responsible for the production and planning aspects of the business. He brings more than 20 years of experience to the table having previously held positions as an MRO Program Manager, Planning Manager, Contract Manager and more. In addition, Richard served in the United States Coast Guard for 12 years and is a graduate of Embry-Riddle with a B.S. degree in Aeronautics.

“It is an exciting time in our industry as well as for all of us at STS Aviation Services. Although we have faced many challenges over the past couple of years, our team has remained dedicated, focused and determined to improve, enhance, and grow our business,” states Castillo. “I am honored and eager to continue this trend in my new role. The family culture and management support system here at STS is unparalleled, and I am proud to be part of the team. We are looking forward to strengthening the relationships with our current customers and welcoming new business through 2022 and beyond.”

Please join us as we congratulate both Justin and Richard on their recent success. As mentioned at the top of this post, when we win, we do so together, and we couldn’t be any more proud of these guys. Their work is exceptional, and their work ethic is exemplary. 

Congratulations, gentleman. We are very proud of you both!

STS Component Solutions Promotes Pat Tyler & Tim Russo

STS Component Solutions Promotes Tyler and Russo (1)

At STS Component Solutions, we believe in the value of celebrating small victories. As a team-first organization, individual triumph is often the result of company-wide collaboration paired with some good old fashion hard work. But it takes a village to build a successful enterprise, and we recognize that in order for us to thrive as a company, we must thrive together and support one another along the way. As such, it gives us great pleasure to announce the following two promotions…

  • Pat Tyler has been promoted to Sr. Vice President of Global Sales & Business Development
  • Tim Russo has been promoted to Vice President of OEM Distribution

Please join us in congratulating both Pat and Tim. Their time, dedication and commitment to the overall success of our organization deserves celebration, and we could not be any more excited about their recent success and future contributions.

Thank you kindly for taking the time, and congratulations again, gentleman. Your promotions are well deserved!

STS Aviation Group Technology Team Executive Promotions

STS Aviation Group Technology Team Executive Promotions (1)

Rob Wire, Sr. Vice President of Information Technology

Rob Wire was recently promoted to Sr. Vice President of Information Technology.  He is a passionate IT Technology Leader who continually strives to build, and leverage, the most effective solutions to solve the strategic and tactical business initiatives for STS Aviation Group and its customers.

After serving four years in the Navy, Rob worked in IT through college, attained his private pilot license and completed a B.S. degree in Computer Science from the University of Central Florida. Soon after, Rob joined STS as its first Database Administrator in January of 2001. 

Rob assumed the role of IT Manager for the company in 2002, and in 2004, he was promoted to the Director of IT; a role he held until 2008. Rob then worked his way up to Vice President of IT in 2009 before being promoted again into a VP role.

Rob’s day-to-day responsibilities include oversight of technology operations, planning, budgeting, and strategy for the organization’s entire technology stack.  Technology executives include the Vice President of Software Development, Vice President of Information Technology, and the Director of IT-UK; all of whom work with their respective teams in support of every front-facing STS division.

Today, Rob and his team manage all IT solutions including cloud integration, database management, proprietary custom software development, analytics reporting, data warehouse, systems, network security, infrastructure, and vendor relationships. In addition, Rob provides leadership, direction, support, professional development and guidance to the entire technology staff.  As a member of STS Aviation Group’s senior executive management team, Rob helps ensure the effective application of technology by addressing strategic business initiatives and opportunities.

 If Rob is not actively working with new technology, you can find him on the water sailing or assisting his daughter as she competes in sailboat regattas.

Josh Pierce, Vice President of Software Development:

Joshua Pierce, recently promoted to Vice President of Software Development, joined STS Aviation Group in 2015 and now leads a team of full-stack developers focused on cutting-edge software solutions and integrations on a cross-organizational scale.

The majority of his career has been spent leading engineering efforts in industries such as education, finance and marketing.

As a computer science graduate from Brown College in Minnesota, Josh enjoys navigating through complex software projects and making people smile.

Outside of work, you can find Josh joking around with his amazing wife, their two kids and beloved dog.

With his family and friends, Josh very much enjoys travelling, spending time outdoors, and competing over a board, card  and / or video games (things get heated).

He believes in teamwork and transparency and likes all kinds of music (including country). Josh lives by the motto, “The only thing better than having an ‘aha’ moment is playing a part in helping someone else have one, too.”

Nick Tornese, Vice President of Information Technology:

Nick Tornese, recently promoted to Vice President of Information Technology for STS Aviation Group, is an experienced IT professional with a results-oriented leadership style and hands-on technical skills. Nick has more than two decades of real-world problem solving and successful implementation of IT solutions experience that transcends STS Aviation Group’s business requirements.

Nick’s professional focus rests primarily on providing strategic direction and management of full-service IT organizations. In addition, a Master of Science in Finance from Georgia State University adds depth to Nick’s experience and skill set.

As the Vice President of Information Technology, Nick’s overall responsibilities comprise of managing IT infrastructure, database administration and overseeing end-user helpdesk support operations. He is committed to defining and implementing best practices, strategies, methodologies, policies, procedures and documentation needed to ensure the best in-class IT support delivery.

Nick also manages business acquisition tasks required to on-board employees, systems, and assets into STS’ corporate structure. Nick excels at hiring, developing, encouraging and evaluating high-performing IT personnel.

Nick’s career at STS Aviation Group began in 2016 as a Database Consultant. In 2017, he transitioned to the position of Enterprise Data Services Architect. In 2018, Nick was elevated to Director of IT and Data Services. Prior to his time with STS Aviation Group, Nick worked 15 years for Hewlett-Packard in a managed services capacity supporting many companies like P&G, Merrill Lynch, and the United States Defense Logistics Agency.