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STS Aviation Group Acquires CHJ Aircraft Maintenance Inc.

Letterhead (AG)Jensen Beach, November 9, 2015 STS Aviation Group, an industry leader in aerospace staffing, line maintenance services, engineering solutions and aircraft component distribution, acquires the assets and employees of CHJ Aircraft Maintenance Inc., a Michigan-based company that provides line maintenance services to major commercial and regional airlines operating out of Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW).

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Hiring Frenzy Leaves Aviation Firms in a Race Against Time

Hiring Frenzy (Q3 -- Anson Newsletter)

STS Aviation Group has internal positions that we are struggling to source, and given that a significant piece of our services’ group is based in recruitment process outsourcing, that’s a problem; not only for us but for the aviation staffing industry as a whole. I’d even go out on a limb and say that this is one of the tightest labor markets in the industry that I’ve seen in 30+ years, and the rest of this article will attempt to uncover why that is.

Recruiting has become a bidding war for employees, and only those employers who are on top of their game stand a chance.  When we find an excellent candidate, our recruitment team(s) must work with customers in an effort to move immediately. In this market, when we allow a period of time to pass between the initial contact and the final offer, the door swings open for our competitors to come in and swoop the candidate out from under our feet.

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STS Aviation Group Will Touch Down at the 2015 Dubai Airshow

2015 Dubai Air Show.fwSTS Aviation Group will be on site at the 2015 Dubai Airshow from November 8 – 12thand we really hope you can join us.

Since its first event in 1986, the Dubai Airshow has quickly become one of the world’s largest and most influential aerospace events. You can expect 160+ world class military, general and commercial aviation displays in addition to 1,100 exhibitors from more than 60 countries.

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STS Engineering Solutions Offers Free Design Certification Estimates

Q3 STS Engineering ArticleThe FAA is reminding US 121 operators that they have until January 1, 2020, to upgrade their current traffic avoidance system to ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) compliance. To date, this affects roughly 7,000 air transport aircraft (not including General Aviation or Business Aviation). For European operators, this mandate becomes effective January 1, 2016. Both European and US aviation agencies have concluded that there will be no extensions and/or waivers.

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STS AeroStaff Services Ups its Recruitment Game


STS AeroStaff Services (STSAS) has seen an unprecedented increase in the volume of new orders it has received over the past three months. Many of our company’s clients continue to express a growing need for Aircraft Maintenance Technicians (AMT’s); a fact that has allowed us to raise the number of Recruiters and Recruiting Coordinators we employ by an astounding 25% in Q3 of 2015.

In addition to all of the new bodies STS has brought in, our department has extended its hours of operation so that we are now open 12 hours a day, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST. Also, in an effort to keep up with the ever-increasing hiring needs of our clients, the STSAS team has further extended its operational schedule on weekends, which in turn has added at least a 50% increase in the number of hours we put in on Saturdays and Sundays.

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STS Air-Pro Gears Up for Hercules Operators Council


STS Air-Pro is excited to be exhibiting at the 27th Hercules Operators Council (HOC) in Atlanta, Georgia, on October 19-22. This event, presented by Lockheed Martin, offers information on the C-130B-J, L-100 and LM-100J model aircraft and encourages the sharing of operational, technical, modification and maintenance insights among the global Hercules community.

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STS Flies to NYC for This Year’s ACPC Conference


This weekend marks the start of the 59th annual Air Carriers Purchasing Conference (ACPC), and STS Aviation Group will be on ground at the fast-paced and ever-evolving Times Square in New York City.

From August 29th through September 1st, conference attendees will meet at the New York Marriott Marquis Hotel to discuss all things aviation as it relates to the buying and selling of industry-related goods and services.

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